British Classical Music radio plays video game music

TastyWhale March 17, 2014 0

I just wanted to post this, not because I think we as gamers need to be vindicated in our taste, but to show that good music can be appreciated by anyone.

“A Videogame Special!”

A British radio station specializing in classical music put on a videogame classical music segment for two hours last Saturday. It seems that after they were sent multiple requests for this type of music they had to consider and discuss if this could count as classical music. The host seemed quite surprised at the quality!

“Final Fantasy … thought by many people to be a fine example of classical music”
“… and incase you think that videogame music is all battles, shootouts, car chases and extra-terrestrial catastrophes this is going to change your mind.”
“” (if you aren’t in the UK, you should become friends with someone in this postcode: NN3 7RZ)

Final Fantasy, Mario (Galaxy and older), Broken Age, Bioshock, Remember Me… a very diverse selection of music is played.

I think this was sourced from /r/games or /r/gamemusic but I can only find this link about it:

Thanks to Kyle R. for the tip!

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