Graphic Novel version of “All You Need Is Kill” is terrible

TastyWhale June 3, 2014 0

First: I highly recommend the book. I haven’t read the manga nor seen the Hollywood adaptation.
Second: I don’t like tearing into and insulting someone’s art or product.
But, the graphic novel by Nick Mamatas that came out bearing the name “All You Need Is Kill” is horrible. So bad I’m actually cutting my losses and trying to return it to Amazon based on that alone, something I’ve never done before.
It took 10 minutes to read, the panel flow was poor and confusing, the story delivered by single sentence speech bubbles was a poor imitation of the novel.
I assume that this was made only to cash in on the recent Hollywood adaptation “Edge of Tomorrow” starring Tom Cruise. This follows the comic more than what the previews of “Edge of Tomorrow” has shown.

Do not get this. Horrible.

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