Destiny Initial Impressions

TastyWhale September 11, 2014 1

I’ve played for a couple of nights and wanted to put my 2 cents in on this super hyped game.
Halo pedigree is obvious. Pretty art, pretty world, pretty guns with varied shots and control types.
I don’t like aspects of the HUD, like that when I’m in the tower or want to take a screenshot there is a big fucking “Press BLAH to do BLAH and go back to BLAH”.
The earth missions I’ve done are in Russia and are not just out in the open, but inside buildings or tunnels underground. Really good level design making it feel like a real place, and not just having a few routes to each place, but many routes you could take.
The Tower/hub thing is spread out more than I’d expect of humanities last bastion. Annoying to run over here to buy thing, run over there to buy other thing (but I don’t play MMO’s so maybe this is super standard).
I’ve been playing solo for the campaign, I’ve redone a mission once or twice just to see how it went. Felt a little easier the second time, probably because of the better weapons I’d found.
I don’t get the leveling. I know I get XP, and then I get a level. But then I have to go into a menu, press a button that isn’t the normal select button (I’m playing on PS4, so I have to press Triangle instead of X, which X is the normal “look at/do” button in menus), then if a circle is full I press X on it and then I have that ability. I don’t think I get to choose my level progression, but I can switch between what my L1 power does. (Can someone explain the level/ability menu? Is it just typewriting your abilities left-to-right then linebreak?)
I think they’ve created some nice creepy ambiance in the underground/hive areas. Feels like an Alien hive, mixed with the Flood.
Speaking of: It is pretty much just HALO.
You are a super soldier thing. You fight some mysterious world destroying thing. You have an AI buddy (which acts like your Cortana and looks like Guilty Spark 343). You right a hoverbike (ghost/sparrow). Just saying I hoped Bungie would have more writing chops.
I’ve already expressed my displeasure with Peter Dinklage’s voice over.
The multiplayer PVP I’m getting a handle on. You have to be X level to access it (in your “go places” hub where the planets/moon/etc is at). You only have access to one type at first and seem to quickly open up other types. People bring their own armor and weapons to the fight, there aren’t standards so I think people could be vastly OP if they are higher level than you (the menu says it removes level bias, I’m not privy to how if they have a level 26 gun and I have a level 3 gun). It is ok-good! Feels like a good space marine vs game. I’m used to the fluidity of Titanfall, running around on walls etc, so this is a bit slower than that (and my current level I have a shitty double jump/glide, which limits my ability to move around the levels as well as I potentially could).
7/10 will keep playing. Not jizzing out my eyeballs yet, but I enjoy the game.

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