Watching Dragon Ball for the first time… reactions!

TastyWhale November 29, 2015 0

This is just a compilation/summation of what I’m seeing in Dragon Ball. I never watched it as a kid (barely watched Dragon Ball Z) but know it is important in anime-nerddom.

Watch here!

Also note that I’m not always sober when I am watching it….

I’m watching Dragon Ball for the first time and while clearly the art is different than Z in quality, it has a much more bugs bunny comedy feel to it…

Spoilers: Bulma just shot goku with a gun.

I’m curious how the story evolved from this to the fate of planets… (I was told it was just power creep)

What the fuck is the age difference between her and Goku?? (answered below, Bulma is 16 and Goku is 14) (WHAT that was wrong, Goku is 12)

Bulma just wet herself.

Was Goku’s back story of being superman alien from the start, or did DBZ make that up?

There are an awful lot of guns in the closing credits….

Ok, so it was hinted at, not just changed from something else.

So throw the Journey to the West story and the Superman story together, and you have Dragon Ball.

Plus the citygirl/yokelboy dichotomy together… Kung Fu action and sci fi tech….


Now Bulma is considering if boy’s have tails as a normal thing.

There was a penis joke. Bulma though they only had one (tail), that it was attached to their front.

This humor never came back to the series did it?

OMG Goku thinks that girls have a butt on their chest.

She just commented that “it is 10 years too early for a boy his age to be interested in boobs.” Age gap grows.

What Goku just said he is 14. (way later he says he learned math and is only 12)

“You are only 2 years younger than me!” – Bulma

But she thought he was 4-6. I mean, look at his size.

Goku might not understand counting, I need to verify this age…

Pilaf segments annoy me. I get they are setting up shenanigans where he probably steals theirs and they have to get it back, but seriously.

“You were probably abandoned because of your weird tail”

“Were you abandoned because your chest is a butt?”

Bulma a prostituting a panty peek!

I just remembered Bulma isn’t wearing any panties…. because Goku took them off… wow for continuity.

Bulma has an 85 chest according to episode 4.
Episode 5 she makes a pig have diarrhea by yelling “pee pee”.

Dude I think the pig just implied he was gonna rape Bulma.

Holy shit. He just slipped her a mickey.

Ox King/demon has a daughter Chi-Chi who Yamcha kinda just said he loved (so she didn’t kill him), and now she wants to marry Goku because he patted her crotch. Also, He has agreed to marry Ox King’s daughter even though he doesn’t understand the concept.

Ok, catching up… Master Roshi is a huge perv. He requested poking Bulma’s boobs. He also expounded on how Chi-chi both means “a father” and “boobs”.

He got motorboated by Oolong who was pretending to be Bulma.

Again, Goku agrees to wed Chi-Chi even though he doesn’t understand what that means.

Bulma was in a playboy bunny costume for a long time. I won’t wonder why Oolong had that.
Bulma was about to be accosted by guys with guns (Rabbit gang). Filler episode with rabbit guy. They sent him to the moon because rabbit/moon Japanese ness.

“They don’t look like they have any (dragon) balls”
“Perhaps between that man’s legs”

“You won’t hand it over, then I’ll do something dirty to you” (giant robot claw appears and takes Bulma). Holy shit.

I don’t think it is the first time I saw it used here, but Bulma just gave Pilaf the finger straight up.

I don’t know how you play pinball with a piano keyboard but ok Pilaf.

Pervert the Pig (Oolong) just wished for girls panties to stop Pilaf’s wish for world domination.

Aaaaand Goku looked at the full moon and just aped-out. Apparently he killed his grandfather this way. Damn.

I append that “Dragon Ball is just Journey to the West plus Superman” to include “King Kong”. I mean, I knew about that transformation because of Z, but watching it… it is oldschool King Kong.

“Maybe he is an alien” Oolong talking to Bulma and Yamucha and Puh-lea or whatever that cat thing is (and I checked the original Japanese, YEP they said that).

Huh, 13 episodes and that arc is wrapped up well.

OH SHIIII KRILLIN JUST SHOWED UP. Punchin’ trees and shit.

Goku ate a stick of butter (plus everything else in the fridge) while Master Roshi was leering at exercise models. Master Roshi is now drinking a beer out of a wineglass.

Krillin (Kuririn) just bribed Master Roshi with an H mag. Literally, has an “H” on the front. And then he handed him a pile more, including an “Ho-no” mag which had a dude on the cover, which elicited a gag from Master Roshi.


This just became a western. Except that lady (“Lunch”) rode a single wheeled segway down a mountain.

Master Roshi just dressed up Lunch, Goku, and Krillin in literal frilly lingerie.

Now they have literal bullet holes in them.

Krillin is a dick and he deserves to be mocked as much as he is later on. Fuck that guy.

Kame House has the weather vane (chicken wind thing) NWSE (clockwise). I don’t think that is correct.

Master Roshi sleeps with sunglasses on underneath the beauty mask.

“Goku has no interest in women”.

This cow is selling it’s own milk.

That is some bad-ass training. Milk delivery for early morning training… followed by morning training! Like Hobbit meals, but 100% the opposite.

Master Roshi trains Goku and Krillin in language etc. He has Goku read something that is clearly an adult novel. This is awesome.

Master Roshi is huge perv. Favorite Roshi.

Master Roshi was using the “The exercises you did WERE the training, see what you can do!” method of masterhood. Awesome.

The end theme has me seriously thinking Dragon Ball might have originally meant to focus on Bulma.


They just actually confirmed the design of Krillin not having a nose is a physical deformity.

Master Roshi (in disguise) just referenced someone as “not fitting into a gag anime”.

Goku just Bowser’d Giran.

Woah, Goku just revealed he is 12, not 14. His math was bad! (as I suspected!) Krillin is 13.

Muten Roshi isn’t so bad, just gave the Indian/Buddhist guy a bunch of water.

Breaking the 4th wall, Muten Roshi says he’ll have to think up a strategy during the commercial break.

Huh, did they start the “Goku’s dead” plottrope this early?

Woah, wait, doesn’t Piccolo destroy the moon later? Now I’m confused. I’m guessing there is some wish magic coming up

All that effort for inspiration.

Episode 29 FILLER!

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