Just Cause 3 short review

TastyWhale December 28, 2015 0

Short review!
Played through Just Cause 3. Liberated everything. Completed the story. Didn’t collect everything (cars, tombs, candles, audio recordings, car parts, etc).
Only did a few of the challenges (races, explosions, skydives, use only X weapon, etc). The ones I did were fun enough, but I didn’t feel like completing a bunch of them. I did enough to unlock the early perks for my sticky bombs/grappling hook.
It seemed shorter and smaller than Just Cause 2, which I swear I put 40 or 60 hours into. At least 20 in JC2. This was MAYBE 20 hours, and a bit of that was me trying to just find the outposts I needed to liberate (gave up and tried looking up a map online, couldn’t! had to look up a wiki which gave me vague location “south west of this province” to find the final one).
I’d resell this game if it wasn’t a digital purchase…. sigh. At least it gave me JC2 digital version! (I think my first copy was stolen)
Fun, explosions, skydiving. Less crazy shit happening. 3/5 enjoyable. Do not regret buying it.

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