PS4 Pro reveal info

TastyWhale September 7, 2016 0

PS4 Pro (was “Neo”):
November 10th, $399.
4k (8 million pix, 1080P has 2 million pix)
HDR (high dynamic range)
To be part of this console generation, targeted to hardcore gamer or those who invested in 4K screens.
Updated GPU (more than doubled, no stats given)
I’m pretty sure the guy talking right now is Dana Carvey.
Boosted clock rate in CPU (no stats given)
Anti Aliasing and Super Sampling
Uses same models that the PS4 game will have, but the other hardware increases it (they didn’t say upscale). This would explain how they plan on selling a PS4 game that will work on both PS4 and PS4 Pro.
HDR has to be applied by devs, not a magic upgrade to all existing games. (“Forward Compatibility”, over a dozen being done for 1st party, 3rd party is participating too)
Says you don’t need a 4K screen to benefit from PS4 Pro.
It can tell what type of TV you are using. Extra power boosts graphics still on lower definition screens. PSVR taking advantage of this too. Doubling rendered pixel count one example.
Same disc and download work on standard and Pro.
*pro features vary from title to title* disclaimer shown at bottom on screen on all demos.
Mech dino game (Horizon Zero Dawn) looks pretty.
“HIS MIC IS NOT ON” /whispers/
COD (and variants) will support PS4Pro out of box day 1 (some with patch). 4k 60FPS.
Mass Effect Andromeda and Fifa to take advantage of PS4Pro.
4K streaming services. Including Netflix (600 hours of 4K content by end of year. Luke Cage and Narcos S2). YouTube as well.

Does not support 4K Blu-Ray. That is weird.

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