Shin Godzilla Review (no spoilers)

TastyWhale October 12, 2016 0

Shin Godzilla – also known as “Godzilla Resurgence” is an unsubtle commentary on bureaucratic redtape, Fukushima, and pent up tensions on Japan’s post war agreement with the US.

Well shot with a stress inducing intimate focus on faces from slightly off angles. The music was great (except for one bit, you’ll recognize it) mostly homage to the original’s score, this includes wonderful bass in the background so watching this in stereo will lose the effect. The computer graphics animation had weak points, but on a comparatively shoestring budget to Hollywood the main monster was convincing.

Each scene had a point for the majority of the film. However the end sequence was weak in that the coup de grace was delivered in both a comic method (a large portion of the audience was laughing). I will admit though much of the human ingenuity and calculated design of the attacks were better than most brute force methods of war depicted in this genre.

4/5 kaiju.

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